Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Day before Friday!!

I am having the feeling that Friday will NEVER come! And this feeling always comes when Im excited for something.. Friday after work I am flying to Boise for my cousin Heidi's wedding! Im so pumped about it! First of all I am so HAPPY for her and I love Tyler (her fiance), I LOVE weddings! I have a weird obsession, I can look at wedding photos or go to weddings everyday! I dont even need to know the people I just love looking at all the lavish decor and the bride always looks so gorgeous.. uh oh I have a sickness hehe. Anyway she is getting married Saturday afternoon in the Boise Temple and im also excited to be able to visit a new temple! Most of my family is already there but I couldnt get work off :( bummer. But I LOVE Boise and Im happy I can go at all. Heidi and I have been so close since birth and this is a big step in a girls life and Im glad I get to share this with her!

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  1. Lex. Tell andrefus that I want to be BFF's so move yo ass to boise and He can be a cop with me. We could be like Ponch and john...the motorcycle cops. Andre can wear tight pants.