Sunday, June 17, 2012

Water Baby

This weekend we had alot of fun with cousins! Friday night we got to play with Jordi, Ashlie and miss Addy. Addy was loving on Avery and giving her TONS of kisses.
Saturday we took Avery swimming for the first time and she LOVED it!! She is officially our little water baby. I just couldnt decide what swimming suit to put her in so we tried a few :) we bought her a little floaty and she loved kicking around with everyone in the pool. We will definitely be doing this alot more this summer.
Later that night we went out to dinner at Montesanos. Its a little pizza place on Eastern, kind of a little hole in the wall but it is delicious, and we loaded up on goodies from their bakery (I definitely reccommend going there if you love New York style pizza). Here are a few pictures from our weekend, ENJOY! :)

Friday, June 15, 2012


Its midnight and I have a looong day ahead of me tomorrow but I just couldnt go to bed without writing down this little thought I have right now...
I am so so so grateful and BEYOND blessed to be a mom. As I sit on my bed and type this post, I hear Avery's sweet breathing over the baby monitor and it fills my heart to the very tippy top! Andre and I struggled for 2 years to get pregnant and although thats a short time to some that are dealing with these same issues it was a rough 2 years! I wanted and was ready to be a mom and I just couldnt understand why it wasnt happening for me. I know now more than ever, there is a season for everything and its not always our will but Gods be done. We had an amazing doctor and through Artificial Insemination, modern medicine and of course the Lord we were blessed with our sweet baby girl. I love her with ALL OF MY HEART! I just felt the need to express how blessed I feel on a daily basis to wake and see my little girl smiling up at me, she was truly sent from heaven. So so so blessed, tonight my heart is full.
To all my friends going through a similar trial, I am praying for you and I know one day you will all make AMAZING mommys! Hang in there. xoxo

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NBA Finals 2012

So this year I have been very into basketball!! (strange I know) but its been alot of fun watching this season. Andre told me at the beginning of the season I had to pick a team... I am a BIG Lebron fan and all you haters can shut it cause you all know he's bomb or you wouldnt be hating on him! Anyway instead of taking the Heat this year I decided on The OKC Thunder, they are a young team and have some really talented players! Obviously if you have been watching this season they have done great and are now in the NBA Finals.....against the Heat!! Im so torn watching every game cause I want BOTH teams to win! Needless to say we have been glued to the TV in this house! Even Avery ;) as we speak shes in the bumbo watching while me and Andre are getting down on some chips and guac. May the best team WIN!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So the past weekend I surprised my sisters with tickets to the SOLD OUT One Direction concert! It was at Planet Hollywood and we had the BEST time!!! Seriously I had never heard of these boys before their song 'Thats what makes you beautiful' came out on the radio and that was the only song I knew. But those boys can SING! I had so much fun and we danced and sang thee entire time. I now own their CD and its constantly playing in my car. If you dont listen to them I suggest you start, if you are a J. Biebs fan you will love these adorable boys. Heres a few pics from the concert.

Model baby...

So my brother Luke took these pictures of Avery and I am obsessed!!! I just got them framed and I am going to hang them in my house. How can you not LOVE this face?! and wanna kiss her cheeks off :)

Im Baaaaaaack!!!!

Ok, I am seriously gonna try this ONE.MORE.TIME. Do I have anyone who would actually read my blog??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fresh Start?

Im not sure who even follows my blog and whether they care if I post or not, But I figured what the heck, Im gonna give this blogging thing another go! We finally got our internet set up in our new house we rented (which I love) and so I figured now I have NO EXCUSE!
Andre is downstairs with my brother Landon doing P90X and I quit after 20 minutes and said I HAD to blog haha.
Valentines has come and gone and we had so much fun! Andre got me an iphone4! It was a total shock and I was SUPER excited about it! I finally gave in after months of saving and bought him his first gun! He is one happy guy!! Its kind of nice for me too with him working graveyard I feel a tiny bit safer. Anyway, Andre had a whole day planned and surprised me with all of it, we first went and got couples massages which were beyond amazing! Then we had reservations at this super nice Italian restaurant called Ventanos and it has an amazing view of the strip it was so pretty! Then we went and saw Just go with it and I loved it!!!! My brother Luke and sister in law Emmy came to the movie as well and we were all cracking up the entire time! Its definitely a must see! So we had a fabulous day and I just realize over and over what an awesome husband I have!