Thursday, June 14, 2012

NBA Finals 2012

So this year I have been very into basketball!! (strange I know) but its been alot of fun watching this season. Andre told me at the beginning of the season I had to pick a team... I am a BIG Lebron fan and all you haters can shut it cause you all know he's bomb or you wouldnt be hating on him! Anyway instead of taking the Heat this year I decided on The OKC Thunder, they are a young team and have some really talented players! Obviously if you have been watching this season they have done great and are now in the NBA Finals.....against the Heat!! Im so torn watching every game cause I want BOTH teams to win! Needless to say we have been glued to the TV in this house! Even Avery ;) as we speak shes in the bumbo watching while me and Andre are getting down on some chips and guac. May the best team WIN!


  1. How fun for both of you to get into the games. I bet Andre LOVES it!

  2. I wish Myca loved it...but she does like the UFC though