Friday, June 15, 2012


Its midnight and I have a looong day ahead of me tomorrow but I just couldnt go to bed without writing down this little thought I have right now...
I am so so so grateful and BEYOND blessed to be a mom. As I sit on my bed and type this post, I hear Avery's sweet breathing over the baby monitor and it fills my heart to the very tippy top! Andre and I struggled for 2 years to get pregnant and although thats a short time to some that are dealing with these same issues it was a rough 2 years! I wanted and was ready to be a mom and I just couldnt understand why it wasnt happening for me. I know now more than ever, there is a season for everything and its not always our will but Gods be done. We had an amazing doctor and through Artificial Insemination, modern medicine and of course the Lord we were blessed with our sweet baby girl. I love her with ALL OF MY HEART! I just felt the need to express how blessed I feel on a daily basis to wake and see my little girl smiling up at me, she was truly sent from heaven. So so so blessed, tonight my heart is full.
To all my friends going through a similar trial, I am praying for you and I know one day you will all make AMAZING mommys! Hang in there. xoxo


  1. I loved this post lexi. It's so cool to see this side of you. Being a parent is so awesome. Probably one of the most challenging, but most rewarding things you will ever do! Avery is a such a little cutie.

  2. awe, I love this!! You are so blessed, in so many different ways!! Avery being the top most!! Love you girl and Im excited to see you Sunday!