Sunday, June 17, 2012

Water Baby

This weekend we had alot of fun with cousins! Friday night we got to play with Jordi, Ashlie and miss Addy. Addy was loving on Avery and giving her TONS of kisses.
Saturday we took Avery swimming for the first time and she LOVED it!! She is officially our little water baby. I just couldnt decide what swimming suit to put her in so we tried a few :) we bought her a little floaty and she loved kicking around with everyone in the pool. We will definitely be doing this alot more this summer.
Later that night we went out to dinner at Montesanos. Its a little pizza place on Eastern, kind of a little hole in the wall but it is delicious, and we loaded up on goodies from their bakery (I definitely reccommend going there if you love New York style pizza). Here are a few pictures from our weekend, ENJOY! :)

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