Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fresh Start?

Im not sure who even follows my blog and whether they care if I post or not, But I figured what the heck, Im gonna give this blogging thing another go! We finally got our internet set up in our new house we rented (which I love) and so I figured now I have NO EXCUSE!
Andre is downstairs with my brother Landon doing P90X and I quit after 20 minutes and said I HAD to blog haha.
Valentines has come and gone and we had so much fun! Andre got me an iphone4! It was a total shock and I was SUPER excited about it! I finally gave in after months of saving and bought him his first gun! He is one happy guy!! Its kind of nice for me too with him working graveyard I feel a tiny bit safer. Anyway, Andre had a whole day planned and surprised me with all of it, we first went and got couples massages which were beyond amazing! Then we had reservations at this super nice Italian restaurant called Ventanos and it has an amazing view of the strip it was so pretty! Then we went and saw Just go with it and I loved it!!!! My brother Luke and sister in law Emmy came to the movie as well and we were all cracking up the entire time! Its definitely a must see! So we had a fabulous day and I just realize over and over what an awesome husband I have!

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  1. Well, hello there! It has been 10 months! Glad you are back!!! You DO have a great hubby!!! (you need to post pics too!