Monday, April 5, 2010

California OR Bust!!!

So obviously this trip needed its own post because it was seriously SOOO much fun and a much needed break!!
I was working late Friday night at the salon and I got a call from Adrianna saying I needed to get off and pack and get in the car with Ariel and meet them in California, how could I say no?
I finished my client, packed in 10 minutes, called Andre and asked if it would be ok and then we hit the road!
We got to my aunts house by midnight and the fun began!
She lives on a lake so that in itself was amazing. We layed in hammocks, kayaked on the lake, went to Newport and Huntington beach, outdoor swap meet (AMAZING!), played cards, had a funeral, went to singles ward activities haha (thats my aunt and uncles calling), slept in, ate alot of YUMMY food, and made fun new friends!
We pretty much made a million new memories! I loved it, I took lots of pictures from my phone because sadly Andre had work :( I really really missed him! We stayed until Wednesday and I loved coming home to my grumpy man.
I am DEFINITELY ready for round 2! Who is with me?!!!?
P.P.S. Aunt Shaila you are THEE best! We had so much fun playing with you and thank you SOOO much for letting us stay with you!! Love you!!


  1. What a fun trip! Everyone needs a little California once in awhile! We took our boys to LegoLand the other week, and I wanted to stay forever! The smell of the ocean is the best! Glad you guys had a blast! :)

  2. Out of all that I'm sad I missed the swap meet (nothing beats the swap meet down there!) and the card playing... glad you had a good time.

  3. FREAK YEAH! round two HERE WE COME!!!

  4. I wanna be there soo bad right now!

  5. COME BACK, COME BACK!!!! WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!! I love you guys!!! (I have to wonder what people think when you listed all the fun things we did and in the list is a "funeral"!!!! ROFLOL!!!!

  6. PS! Bring Andre next time!!!

    PSS Vietnam!!!

  7. BTW, Ricky Bobby is home!!!! (He and Ariel need to write!!!)

  8. He's home?! Does he have a gf? They need to write NOW!!!