Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!!

So I know its been a while since I posted last and I have lots of pictures to share :) It's fall but it still feels like summer! On saturday it was 92 degrees most of the day! It was NOT fun!! And although my birthday isnt until November 5th, Andre got me a NEW CAMERA! Its so dang cute and I cant stop taking pictures! So this is the first picture taken with my new beauty, courtesy of andre :) haha...

And then here is my cute baby girl Tanzie, she is getting so BIG! When we got her she was only 2 pounds! And now look at her! She loves posing for the camera! I just LOVE her!

So last week for family night we all went to the pumpkin patch, Im not gonna lie I used to LOVE going every year but when we got there we realized it was alot of little kids and none of us were little anymore! Weird. Luckily across the street in the mall parking lot was a fair! We all were SO excited, so we decided to go over there instead, it had pumpkins as well and then there were all the rides and fair food! Yep, we had multiple funnel cakes! Mmmmm my fav! So here are a few pictures from that night!

Me and Aliza
Landon, Aliza and Alayna

All the cousins sittin on the HUGE pumpkins!

The girls posing

My sexy man!

Liza and Andre

So if you couldnt tell we had SO much fun!! Enjoying eachothers company was the best part! I love Halloween!!!


  1. Such cute pics Lexi! You guys look great in pumpkins!!

  2. WHY didn't you put up the pic of me and Ann?! Email it to me!

  3. Looks like you all had a blast! We went to one on here in Centennial and I was SO excited to have a funnel cake. Then when we pulled up the fryer was broken and I was so ticked off! I told the worker dude that you NEVER mess with a pregnant womens craving, lol! I cant believe how big your little sisters are! Oh and when I saw the picture of Lane, I seriously thought it was Dr Darin at first, they look so alike! :) Halloween is my favorite too! Hope you guys are going to dress up! Last year Larry and I were Dog the Bounty Hunter and I was his wife, Beth! It was a blast! Cant wait till next week!

  4. Yes Darin and Lane are practically twins! haha.. Were not sure if were dressing up but I really want to!!

    Ariel, I only posted about the pumpkin patch, tonight I am posting the pumpkin carving pictures! So it WILL be up here :)

  5. What fun pics!!! (Is Jess even showing??? She doesnt look prego at all!)

  6. Those pumpkins are ginormous!! I love carving pumpkins. Just not the cleaning out part and those ones would be full of the nastys lol. Cute pics! Love your hair! and your little pup is so cute. wish my hubby wasnt so allergic to dogs :(

  7. you are hot. let me holla fo a minute

  8. I am so jealous! This is no fair!! We're missing out on all the fun! but we'll be there for Christmas... can't wait!

  9. Kendall we are sad you guys arent here!!! But yes Christmas will be great!! :)