Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New addition to the fam!

Soooo Andre FINALLY gave in and bought me a PUPPY!!!! She is a mini chihuahua, and we named her Tanzie. She is such a good puppy! We actually adopted her from an animal shelter here in Las Vegas, Tanzie and her 5 sisters were rescued from a dumpster a few days before, but when they were brought to the animal shelter it was SO packed that they put an ad on craigslist to try and sell them or they would be put to sleep in a week. So I got her in the nick of time and Im hoping that her sisters were adopted too cause as much as I tried Andre wasnt gonna let me have 5 baby chihuahuas hehehe understandably so! Anyway she is lovin all the new attention from EVERYONE! She is so dang cute everyone stops me to take a look, she is two months old and we are so HAPPY she is ours! These pictures are compliments of my cousin Ryan, for some reason Tanzie wouldnt sit still for me to get a picture! Lil stinker!


  1. I can only imagine 5 chihuahua puppies running around! She's cute, and it makes me happy you got her from a shelter and not a puppy farm.Good work getting your man to give in and get you one, you may have to give me some pointers!

  2. CUTE! Guess that will be your "baby" for now, huh??

  3. I am really glad you started a blog! Now I can see what is going on with you. Check mine out sometime... audreyparry.blogspot.com mmk?