Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I really suck at posting, BUT in my defense I always find time to blog at work (whoops) and I dont have any of my pictures on this computer obviously. Also My camera broke and so I stole Andre's and his is dying now too so there hasnt been much picture taking going on, its kinda sad! Well anyway my birthday is coming right up in 2 months so you can probably guess what I asked for :)

Yep, a BOMB diggity camera! So hopefully my husband pulls through and then I will be posting 3 times a day hahaah..

So to catch you up a little, we have been SUPER busy and had alot going on! Andre started school on Monday and he goes 4 days a week from 6 to 9 and one of those days he goes from 2:30 til 9! Thats what I call a LOOOONG day! And if you think thats bad, on top of all that school he works 2 jobs, one during the day and one from midnight til 8 am! It is CRAZY, I dont know how he does it! So if you even encounter him during the week he is usually grumpy and I apologize in advance LOL but all I know is I would be a million times WORSE! In fact I wouldnt do it! hehe.. So basically what Im saying is he is a trooper and I NEVER see him! I go to work from 8 to 5 so I leave before he gets home from his graveyard shift and I get home and he has already left for school... so I see him from 9:30 when he gets home from school til 11:30 when he leaves for his graveyard shift, and during that time he eats his dinner and is half awake on the couch, I dont blame him a bit, life is tough for my man right now. Hopefully this all pays off one day, he is majoring in pre-med so this is only the beginning!

So thats a little sneak peak into my world, Im sure I have it alot better than most and for that Im grateful! Love you babe!


  1. Love your blog!!! Yay, I am so glad you started one...they are lots of fun! :)

  2. Cute blog! It's fun to read about your life! Our blog is:

  3. Way to post your blog address on your facebook page now the BL can stalk you here too jk. I doubt they will just had to throw that in there ;) Anywho, welcome to the blog world. Its almost as addicting as Facebook!

  4. I had NO idea that Andre is doing that much school AND work... he is amazing! You are so lucky!!!