Thursday, September 10, 2009

Favorite Shows right now!

Ok so obviously I like alot of shows right now! I swear I do more than just watch TV hahaha.. But these are some of the GREATEST shows ever! If you havent seen any of them I really suggest you do so!

24 is SO freakin awesome! One day Andre just borrowed season 1 from the library (which by the way is the way to go, its FREE) so we started with season one and we are totally hooked! We are now on season 4! It so bad cause we never go to sleep at night, we just keep watchin! I swear TV on DVD was the BEST thing ever invented! No commercials,and you dont have to wait another week to watch the next episode! We love it!

HOUSE!!!! Andre is going to school to be a Dr. and its just been his life long dream so this show is his LOVE! I bought him season 1-3 for Christmas and then I surprised him last week with Season 4 and 5 and then season 6 starts on the 21st! We just love Dr. House!!

SYTYCD!!!! I am so obsessed with this show its sick! I have never missed an episode in all 5 seasons! And season 6 started last night and I am lovin every second of it! The auditions are SOOO funny sometimes! There are some amazing dancers this year!! Andre is not so much a fan but he will sit and watch every so often after I beg him to! He is so sweet, he bought me FRONT ROW seats to the season 5 tour here in Vegas in November, I am SO EXCITED!

Glee is the freakin funniest show EVER! It just started last night for its first season and it is already a HUGE hit! I think its rated #3 right now for best shows this fall... Seriously it may sound dumb but you WILL laugh your booty off I swear!!!

So I guess I do watch alot of TV, but they are all GREAT shows, how could I just cut one out?? :)
p.s. If you ever call or text me during the times any one of these shows are on...Im so sorry but I WILL NOT answer you :) I promise I still like you!


  1. HahaHa... We are total TV watchers here too... and I LOVE TV on DVD as well... so much better than on tv. Love Glee. Love Love House... cant wait to see him in the crazy house. Love SYTYCD. and Dev loves 24... Next time we are in Vegas Myabe we should get together and watch some tv?!

  2. Hahahaha sounds like the perfect night to me :) a little din din and some serious TV! :)