Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is HERE.....well practically

Sooo Thanksgiving was a success! So much food, family fun, relaxing loooong weekend with no work, movies, restaurants, shopping, and the list goes on and on.....
Now my mom has officially decorated her house with ALL here Christmas decor! I swear she owns every christmas decoration made! Her house looks so good! Im sad because I have maybe one or two things, I guess its time to head to Walmart!
Anyway on Tuesday of this past week Andre and I moved into a new apartment!!! We are so excited to have so much more room!! We moved to a 2 bedroom and we love it! I cant say we used this long weekend to unpack and get settled cause that would be a lie, we lazed around cause its a holiday and we deserved it! Thank you to all the family and friends that helped us pack up and move, we made it in ONE trip thanks to about 5 cars and a trailer. We also gave our couches to our old neighbor who didnt have any because they were pretty crappy, I mean they still looked nice but they were so uncomfortable and so so so small! We got them for free from my aunt when we got married and weve been wanting new ones ever since. We were just gonna throw them away but we figured we'd tell our neighbor first and he was so excited to take them off our hands. So for Christmas this year we decided instead of buying eachother all these things we dont really need we are just going to get couches! How fun right?! We have yet to go get the, I have the ones I want picked out, I think, but I wanna shop around a bit more before I decide, its a HUGE decision! We have also been shopping around for a bedroom set and a new coffee table so if anyone knows of some places with some great low prices let me know! I have been searching craigslist but so far no luck! So let me know if any of you happen to come across anything!
I have some new pictures to post but I think this post was long enough, I will put pictures up with our next post. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season so far! Remember to give!

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  1. Yay for the nice weekend! And I am so jealous that you guys made the move in one trip. We got the biggest Uhaul that they have and we still ended up making two, but I guess that is how it goes with kids and all their junk, lol! Oh and you guys should check out the RC Willey outlet center. It is off Craig and somewhere off the 15 freeway. Two and a half years ago we found our HUGE 6 piece leather sectional with three recliners for like 1800 and it was new, still in all the plastic wrap. Usually it is sold for 3200. The only problem it had was a two little tears, but we talked the salesman into fixing them for free. You might want to check them out. Also I heard that Walker has a good outlet too! :)