Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy, Crazy, and a little more Busy!

Life in the Dessau house has been anything but boring in the past few months. I dont even know where to start because its been so long since I have blogged!! I log on everyday and tell myself Im gonna post but I end up reading everyone elses updates and then dont have the time to post myself. BAD HABIT! So I am starting off today by posting.
I am currently working 2 jobs now, and can I just say its TOUGH! I commend anyone who has ever done this because boy its hard. I am still at the mortgage company as a receptionist/lending assistant and about a month ago I started in this SUPER cute salon called Aqua Salon. I love love love that salon. First of all it is sooo gorgeous inside and I work with the best girls! I have been working there nights and every other Saturday, my hopes are to start building up my clientel and eventually that be my only job. Its so fun and I am so happy I decided to get my foot in the door there because I love doing hair!
As for my dear husband Andre he is also working two jobs AND going to school!! I cant even begin to tell you what a trooper he is, what an amazing guy he is! He works full time as a security guard and part time at UNLV tickets, he is also majoring in Biology Pre-Med, he wants to go to medical school so bad! That has been his dream for a long long time and he is finally pursuing it and I couldnt be more happy for him! He is so dang smart and I envy him because I never was a school girl, I could try and try but I just wasnt good at it. He got straight A's this past semester and he's doing all that and working both jobs! Bless his heart. Love him to death!
So as you can see we have been a busy little family, we see eachother right before passing out in our beds nightly at around midnight if were lucky. Its no fun for now but I know it will pay off in the long run when Andre is done with school.
I forgot my camera at home today but I promise to post some fun pictures of Andres trip to Utah with his buddies for one of their mission companions wedding later today.

P.S. Tanzie is still doing great, she is thee most hyper puppy you will ever meet, needless to say she fits right in :)

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