Thursday, February 11, 2010

Andre's trip to Salt Lake

So here are the pictures I promised. Andre went to SLC this past weekend with his two best friends Jake and Gideon for there old mission friends wedding. They obviously had a good time while I was back here working :/ I think they planned that. haha. Just kidding. I was happy he got to go spend some time with the boys. They had some bad weather driving home and it took them twice as long to get from salt lake to st george poor guy. But they are back and safe! Oh and take a look at their cake! Its a CASKET! Can you believe that?! I guess he works in a mortuary and so they decided on this wedding cake. Im not sure how I feel about that but to each his own right?! The reception was at the Joesph Smith Memorial building in Salt Lake so they got some awesome pictures of the temple from above!


  1. That cake is....well interesting awesome, haha! JK! Love the updates Lexi! I really need to get my butt kicked for taking so long on mine! I told myself that I will update it this weekend sometime, so we will see! :)

  2. HAHAHAHA! That cake Lex?!? So random.. To each his own- well said lil lady!! And yes.. OTH needs more drama- but I still never miss it (thanks to you??)

    Hope you and Mr Dessau are doing fabulous!! MISS YOU!!