Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another one down!

So this past weekend was another one of my best friends weddings. Carrie Elizabeth Tielemans now GILES, married Jeff on November 20th. So of course this whole week was filled with wedding festivities and traditions. I have always LOVED weddings and especially when its a close friend, because I get to help in all the planning and carrying out of the events. So Thursday night was Carrie's bachelorette party, we had it at my place and it was SOOO much fun!!! We had a "slumber party" if you have never heard of that type of party Im sure you can google it and find out :) anyway that was hilarious/funny/informative/fun. After the party we went to karaokee and it was HILARIOUS! I have never been myself and I was honestly laughing the whole time! I swear some of those people think they are going to be discovered there and they are dead serious! Needless to say the group I went with was so much fun and we really had a blast. I am so sad my camera died before karaokee cause there were some funny photo ops.
So the next day was Friday and it started off with Carrie and I getting spray tans and then off to good ole A-1 to get our mani/pedis. I always appreciate girl time in the nail salon. That night was the grooms dinner and we had WONDERFUL Bajio! I havent had it in so long that I was in heaven!! Of course after the dinner we headed to my place to practice our best friends dance that we have done at every wedding so far! Of course Sonic drinks were a necessary item and then girl talk about "we cant believe carrie is getting married tomorrow"!!! Everyone finally left and then it was WEDDING DAY!!!!
Saturday started off early at Carries at 8am to help Carrie get ready to go and we had bagels and chatted some more and then we all went our separate ways to get ready and then we got to the temple at noon for the ceremony, everything was gorgeous and Carrie is now a married woman!!!! The reception that night was GORGEOUS and nothing short of amazing. So below are ALOT of pictures, and like I said....ANOTHER ONE DOWN!!! :) (p.s. I suck at blogging so the pictures are all outta order. whoops!)

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